Lift. Lift up the child who rises each day to the sound of a crying mother.
The child who prays to have someone to call a friend.
The child who longs for a warm bed to call her own.

Lift. Lift up the man who walks hundreds of miles in search of happiness.
The man who longs to be noticed, but rather gets passed by.
The man who finds comfort and safety within the walls of emergency rooms.

Lift. Lift up the woman who fights to protect her dignity.
The woman whose joy has been stolen. The woman who longs for love, but gets abused.
Lift. Lift up the veteran who battles sickness and disease each day. The veteran who kneels by the sidewalk rather than his bed.
The veteran whose courage has been shattered by pain and suffering.
Lift up your voices. Lift up the homeless.

Last updated: March 2013